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Our team has massive experience in the responsible AI industry, startups and entrepreneurship. We are looking for a fighter, big dreamer and team player CTO who will be our first technology go-to expert and play an integral role in setting the company’s strategic direction, development, and future growth.

As a CTO, you will lead all product development efforts for the company.


1. Extensive AI and ML Experience: Proven expertise in developing and implementing AI and machine learning solutions, with an understanding of responsible AI practices.

2. Technical and Strategic Vision: A strong technical background combined with strategic thinking to shape the company’s technology roadmap.

3. Leadership and Management Skills: Demonstrated ability to lead and manage cross-functional technical teams, driving innovation and ensuring the successful delivery of AI projects aligned with business objectives.



Lead Computational Biologist / DataScientist

Design, build, and maintain scalable data and algorithmic pipelines
Test and validate with genomic data

Experience: 5+ years in designing and implementing data science models and infrastructure
Academic degrees (MSc or PhD) in Computer Science, Data Science, Mathematics or a related field
Experience with genomic data and deep knowledge of bioinformatics concepts and tools - MUST



Computer Vision Expert

The role is a Computer Vision developer, skilled and experienced with both classical CV and Deep Learning methods.

Required Skills:
- Highly skilled in computer vision development with diverse background in the architecting, implementation and productionalization of CV pipelines.
- Past experience with AR, 3D, depth, image registration, pattern recognition ,anomaly detection or computational photography.
- Fluency in Python and Deep Learning frameworks (Pytorch/Tensorflow).
- Suitable for PhD students as well.

Tags: Computer Vision, AI, Startup



Business Development Intern

Conduct in detail analysis of luxury authentication market and pricing models.

Build an innovative and competitive pricing model for TruLux B2B customers.

Potentially engage in customer analysis activities and in customer business development activities.

Opportunity to work in a young startup and see how it is done from the inside, and getting exposed and learn the luxury retail market.

Tags: Luxury, Business Models, AI

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