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Tailoring Ventures for Success

תכנית ממוקדת בגישה ייחודית לפיתוח סטארטאפים.

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הזדמנות למיקסום הפוטנציאל של הסטארטאפ שלכם: אנו יוצרים תוכנית פיתוח אישית ומדויקת עבור כל סטארטאפ, התומכת במסע היזמות הייחודי לו.

תכנית ייחודית
להעצמת סטארטאפים.

תכנית דן משתפת פעולה עם אוניברסיטת תל-אביב וממוקמת בתוך הקמפוס.


בונים מיזמים,
מעבר להאצה

  • 💰 Grant
    A one-time grant of $10,000 awaits each selected startup entered into the program.
  • 0️⃣ Equity
    Zero: we don’t ask for anything more than your commitment to fulfilling your venture’s potential.
  • 🧠 True 1:1
    The enhancement process includes a significant amount of 1:1 time with our team and your Development Board to focus on your venture.
  • 📊 Individual Growth Plan
    No two startups are the same - that’s why we design a program especially for you.
  • 🤝 Professional mentorship
    Our team handpicks experts to support your journey and help you establish unique partnerships for growth.
  • 🧩 Ecosystem
    One of the advantages of joining Dan Launchpad is the diverse and interconnected network we possess across the tech ecosystem. Our #1 priority is getting your venture known and facilitated.
  • 🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Interns
    Our team is attentive to your needs and can offer interns across a variety of fields to support your development.
  • 🛠️ Practical Tools
    We provide all necessary tools & resources to help you develop the skills and knowledge for success.
  • 💻 Office space
    We offer a quiet workspace to focus on your venture’s growth.

מוכנים? מוכנות?

אנו מקבלים מיזמים חדשים ממגוון תחומים ותעשיות, ולאורך כל השנה.

להלן הקריטריונים הבסיסיים לתכנית:


על המיזם להיות בעל מוצר בשלב פיתוח כלשהו (מינימום BETA)

על לפחות אחד מצוות היזמים\יות

להיות סטודנטים או בוגרים של אוניברסיטת תל-אביב


גויסו פחות מ $200k ממשקיעים לטובת המיזם

Depositphotos_466406162_XL (1).jpg


BetterPulse is resolving the plant-based, supply chain resiliency crisis with an adaptable and vertically integrated protein isolate to sustainably feed the world no matter the extremity.

B2B, BioTech

Seeking $1.5M

GADI is a cutting-edge, AI-based chat interface, that helps solar PV owners manage their energy and maximize their revenue.


Seeking $2M


Green Days is the safest and fastest way get your own solar system! With just a few clicks, our customers receive various price offers from top companies in the market, along with a comparison and personalized recommendations tailored to their needs.



Journeyz is the B2B Personalization Platform to maximize revenue by optimizing product adoption,
at scale.


Seeking $2M


MNDL Bio is a synthetic biology startup with the mission to reduce the production cost and the R&D cycles of Food and Biotech applications through advanced computational platforms that optimize gene expression.

B2B, BioTech, SAAS

Seeking $2M


TruLux is the premier AI-driven authentication and traceability solution for luxury items, leveraging advanced multimodal sensing to distinguish genuine products and
track them throughout their life cycle, ensuring trust and integrity in the luxury market.

B2B, B2C, Retail, AI: SAAS

Seeking $1.5M

Wide Therapy

Wide Therapy is an easy and safe-to-use platform for children with special needs to achieve substantial, everyday change.

B2B, B2C

Seeking $3M



מחפשים שותף למיזם?

הצטרפו כאן לקבוצה שלנו בלינקדאין והצטרפו לאירועים!

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